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Hello there!

Stephan (°1959) is an IT Engineer and a passionate digital and film photographer. 
A few years ago, he started making short video clips. 
Out of this came the need for music and using the time in lockdown during the 2020-2021 Covid-19 pandemic he started experimenting with soft synthesizers and a Euro rack modularsynth. 
Stephan has no formal music education but relies not only on his feelings for rhythm and emotions but also tries to create strong visual images in the listeners' imagination. 
He also makes the artwork for his music, using AI, his own photowork or videos.
Stephan lives in Belgium and is the proud father of 2 wonderful daughters and has a granddaughter he loves very much.

Live the moment, love the experience, and keep it forever. Not in your phone but in your memory!

Since 2021 Stephan collaborates with his sister Veronika Pot, and creates soundscapes for her videos.